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Crystal Grids

A crystal grid creates a flow between and combines the properties of your crystals to create an energy frequency enhance your intention and ability to manifest. Adding a geometrical base eases the flow between the crystals and creates an even stronger connection between the crystals in the grid.

I feel the most important ingredient of a grid is the intention behind it. Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve with this grid and keep your intention in mind every time you pass by and see your grid. Stop and take a breath and recharge both the grid and your intention with that power of the paused moment. Treat your grid with respect as you create it as well as when you dismantle it. This is linked directly to how much respect you give yourself and your wishes.

The timing of the grid is also crucial. Make sure the timing for this wish of yours to start manifest is intuitively correct. If you have not tapped into your intuition or do not trust it yet use natures timing. Beginning of seasons, eclipses or moon cycles are perfect. I always create a grid with the new moon. This is a magical time for planting intentions. Grids amplify the work you are doing and for me set the theme for the moon cycle ahead. If you do not follow the moon, you may want to use the beginning of a month.

Certain geometric patterns are constantly repeated in nature, these patterns have been called sacred or divine geometry. Sacred Geometry is said to be the blueprint of life and the language of the universe. This simply means that energy has a tendency to flow and create along these shapes. Therefore aligning your chosen crystals to specific geometrical shapes can increase the flow of energy between them. Increasing the energy flow in this manner adds power to whatever it is that you are manifesting. along with the Geometrical shape we use as a base, having some basic knowledge about your crystals properties, mineral structure and how their shapes will effect the diffusion of energy emitted will help enhance our intentions and the energies you are trying to manifest. Having said this a crystal grid actually does not need to use a geometrical base at all. You could choose to form a grid by purely using your intuition. The crystals or other objects used to make up your grid can be intuitively selected as well. Whether intuitively made grids can be as powerful as perfectly chosen and aligned crystals placed on sacred geometrical patterns is up for you to decide. This all depends on how open your Third-eye chakra is, if you are a very intuitively person then you will have all the answers within you when creating your grid. Since intuitive people tend to also hold their intentions very strongly they are perfect at manifesting their wishes, even if they have no idea about technicalities of crystal or shapes. However if you do not fall into this category i suggest you follow some guidelines.

There are 4 main steps to grids making

  1. Have a clear intention or purpose for your grid

  2. Choose central crystal. This sets the overall theme of the grid, the shape is important you might want to chose an amplifying shape such as a generator or pyramid.

  3. Choose a base

  4. Choose your supporting crystals. These will be placed around your central stone, they will add to the energy of you center stone and create the shape of your base.

Crystals Grids can be made for just about any intention you can come up with and they can be any size you wish. You could place a crystal on every corner of your garden to form a huge protective grid around your house if you wish. Alternatively you could make a mini grid in your drawer that can be kept out of sight.

You will want to research and educated yourself on the energetic properties of shapes and sacred geometry. You could use a triangle, flower of life, sri yantra, a hexagon there are so many different possibilities. The shape you chose as your base should be on the same wavelength as your intention.

Crystals are the main components of crystal grids, but that does not mean that other objects of significance to you personally or energetically in line with your grids intentions can not be used. You may want to use herbs, flowers, rocks you found on travels, photos, little hand written notes anything you wish really. The picture on the left shows a grid I made while traveling when the only crystal i had was a clear quartz generator. Again you can use your intuition or research the frequencies of herbs or flowers to help you. For example

  • Cinnamon- grounding, protecting

  • Rose- love

  • Ginger - vitality, energy, luck

  • Peppermint - health

  • Lavender - crown chakra, relaxation

So now your done with your grid there's one last step. Activating the grid. i see this part as meditating and concentrating on my wish while at the same time drawing a line through the air from one crystal on my grid to another with a pointed quartz. What? yes. start with the central stone and end with the central stone. Just try it if you does not resonate with you leave it out. I am not going to go into more detail of it here. I see it as sealing your intention in with the energies created by the grid. Your wish has an energy frequency too, nothing different.

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