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Crystal Frequencies

Updated: May 1, 2021

Crystals are powerful tools for healing. This has been known and utilised since centuries. When the right person and the right crystal make contact an undeniable energy flow is experienced. The crystals help us access what we already have, in that sense our intention must first be set. Each crystal vibrates differently therefore working on different energies. Choosing the right crystal to go with your intention is important. Clear quartz for example intensifies all intentions. Focus clearly on your intention and let the crystal help access and amplify that energy.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to draw on the energy of crystals is by wearing them. Once the crystal is in ones aura the vibration of the entire aura can be changed. The energy that passes through crystals corresponds to one or more chakra centres in the body. Depending on where you feel your blockage you will want to use the right crystal to help bring balance and harmony to your body and mind.

Below is a list of the healing qualities I associate with crystals. It is limited only to crystals that i have personally experienced. Some explanations are long while others are short or even missing. This is list is organic and grows along with me. Every time I connect to a crystal and have repeated feelings with it, i will add to this list. It is not copied from a website or book therefore they may or may not be commonly accepted properties.

Amazonite - Throat Chakra

arouses feelings of forgiveness, acceptance and letting go. letting go of all the heavy feelings that do not serve you. It is a stone of harmony and peace. I strongly associate amazonite with flowing water and flowing emotions, therefore not holding on to anything and always keeping in mind that everything is temporary. This in turn brings an exciting feeling of adventure and wanting to break free. It is a great crystal to have on you while traveling.

Amethyst - Crown Chakra

to protect and purify the owner. it increases spiritual awareness and the divine connection. I would put this stone in your meditation corner or sacred space if you have one.

Aquamarine - Throat Chakra

a cooling, calming and soothing stone. This stone also promotes effective and truthful communication. Helps ease morning sickness.

Aventurine - Heart Chakra

Aventurine helps heals the heart. This stone when placed on your hurting heart really feels like having some honey ginger when your throat is sore. it is a stone of vitality, and growth. The heart chakra is connected to you lungs and arms. i strongly feel that aventurine helps us breathe and open up the meridians or energy pathways in our arms.

Black Tourmaline -

Ok this is really interesting yes definitely protection! But grounding? Really? Honestly im not so sure. Tourmaline is super high frequency yes not is an airy way but i still am reluctant to use it for grounding. I would much sooner go for lava, black onyx, forms of jasper or even smokey quartz.

But protection all the way and if your body energy can handle the high frequency it will help your aura stay strong against other energies. Keep black tourmaline in your home entrance for the unwanted energies others might bring into your home, and close to you laptop or TV for EMF protection

Black Onyx - Root Chakra

Very grounding. helps ease your mind, fears, worries, anxieties very soothing lower frequencies.

Carnelian - Sacral Chakra

stone of creativity, sexuality, confidence and action. It will help heal your emotional wounds. If you constantly feel like crying wear carnelian:)

Chrysocolla - Oooo so divine so feminine im not ready to write abut her yet!

Citrine - Solar Plexus

When I imagine my solar plexus chakra i see one large, shining Citrine. This crystal gives strength and energy to get active and get things done. It nourishes our energetic body like food nourishes our physical body. Citrine magnifies powers of will and manifestation. Citrine helps transform our dreams and wishes into reality. If you want to get into more detail this is the masculine yang energy so if you feel your feminine side is taking over and you need some balance this stone would be good for you.

Clear Quartz -

is a programmable stone, meaning that by focusing intention on to the stone, it can assist one in achieving any goal. clear quartz amplifies the energies of other stones used with it as well as helping blend their energies. It is a very high frequency crystal. i often use clear quartz points in energy work and crystals grids because they help focus and guide the energy in the direction you want to create the flow in. clear quartz tumbles or spheres can amplify the energy in manifestation work.

Dalmation Jasper

brings a calm, grounding energy with it, one that is filled with light-hearted even playful energy. This is a cute stone and i think good for use with children.


assists in reducing anxiety, tensions and stress. It can be used to facilitate awareness and encourage the elimination of pain and rage. Howlite is all about peace. It is my go to crystal for children and adults who are very sensitive to crystal frequencies.


are mainly about peace and relaxation and being nurtured. I find them all very grounding. There are so many jaspers each with differences i just decided im not going to get into jaspers here.

Kunzite - Heart Chakra

opens the heart to the energies of love, self love, interpersonal love, Divine love, love for animals, plants, humanity, minerals - love for all there is. wearing the stone helps one move through the day with kindness, gentleness and serenity. Kunzite is one of the best stones to be given as a gift. Even when unaware of its energies people feel an impulse towards kindness and altruistic behaviour. physically Kunzite is an excellent support in healing and any personal blockage or obstruction. it eases stress and supports the nervous system.

Labradorite - Third Eye Chakra

is a stone of innate powers of mental and intuitive abilities and protection. it encompasses all of the chakras. This crystal is mysterious to me and im still figuring it out but so far... Labradorite strengthens your aura. As in if you are tired or feeling sick and you feel like there's a leakage in your aura or a hole in it, Labradorite will put a soldier there to stop any trespassing. Another thing about labradorite is it calls to me on new moons and when wanting to do shadow work but then i feel the fire element in it and get all confused so yes im going to leave labradorite here for now... it has mysterious and very deep energies

Lapiz Lazuli - Third Eye (solar) Chakra

Lapis is fantastic for increasing intuition and opening the third eye. The fact that it has gold specs of pyrite in it is a blessing for those of us who tend to be to airy to begin with and may feel anxiety when working on the third eye chakra. pyrite is related to the solar plexus and therefore has a very worldly energizing feel to it nothing ethereal therefore keeps our feet firmly on the ground while still diving into our intuitive abilities. If you want to go further into the Third- eye and have no such fear use Blue Kyanite.

Lava - Root Chakra

This is not a crystal. But i love working with lava stone. It is solidified fire and extremely grounding. It is said that it was worn by warriors for its soothing yet energizing qualities to remain calm during battle. It has a purely soothing yet energizing feel to it. i would say its a balancing stone.

Lepidolite -

Even though this stone is purple i will not be hasty and say Crown chakra. Its frequency is much gentler almost motherly and nourishing... I feel that lepidolite is like a hug from a wise women to a child. She will make everything better in the most gentle way possible.

Moonstone - Heart/Third Eye/Crown Chakra

represents the energy of the moon. The moon is feminine, yin and all about our emotions. Moonstone is the crystalized embodiment of the sacred Feminine energy. Helpful on our spiritual journey, looking within, also our intuition and of course in working with the moon and her cycles. Moonstone is a higher frequency crystal and therefore will not be grounding use her while keeping this in mind.

Rhodonite - Heart/ Sacral Chakra

is associated with the heart chakra rhodonite, promotes the energy of love. It is directed more towards the outside and others rather than self love. it is a generous and compassionate kind of love. Rhodonite also helps discover and develop creative talents

Rose quartz - Heart Chakra

helps find love and compassion. Increases feelings of love for oneself and all beings in the universe. Soothes feelings that create pain in the chest. helps forgive and send love to those who have hurt you.

Sodalite - Third Eye

I will say Third eye Chakra but in a very material sense. Sodalite does not help you journey within and enhance your spiritual path. It does however almost immediately cool an overworked and exhausted mind to help you focus in a calm and centered way. It helps improve mental abilities such as analysis, intuition, and expressing logic and ideas.

Sunstone - Sacral/ Solar Plexus Chakra

is a stone of power, leadership, freedom and enlightened male energy. it can help turn anger into energy and judgement into joy. A very yang stone yet somewhat in the sacral chakra which is an emotional and feminine chakra. Very interesting very magical. If you are feeling lethargic and unhappy in general keep sunstone on you during the day.

Tiger Eye - Root/Solar Plexus Chakra

helps one remain grounded, calm and centred while taking effective action in response to needs and challenges of physical life. a stone that balances while providing vitality.

More crystals to be added...


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