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Crystals 101

Updated: May 1, 2021

Crystals are a tool to help us access and amplify universal healing energy. Each crystal vibrates differently working on different energies. Choosing the right crystal to go with your intention is important. So for example if your intention is to work on a specific chakra or to enhance your meditation during a specific lunation, it would be more efficient to do this with a crystal that has frequencies aligned with that of the chakra or moon phase you are working with.

What about crystals makes them special, why are they used so often in energy work? The structure of crystals is formed by a so called crystalline lattice. To put it very briefly the atoms and molecules are in a very precise repeated arrangement, this forms over thousands of years under heat and extreme pressure. Without getting into the rock cycle, this process gives crystals specific properties (piezoelectricity and triboluminescence incase you would like to research further) that make them great tools to receive, amplify and transmit energy. This is also the reason why quartz crystals are used in watches, micro processors (Silicon Valley), and LCD screens (Liquid Crystal Display) to name a few areas crystals are used in nowadays.

Coming back to crystal healing, so how does this perfect precise orderly molecular formation of crystals affect our energy bodies? I believe and all crystal healers believe that by introducing the crystal into our subtle energy field our energy body will go through the process of entrainment. This is a process whereby the unsteady energy becomes tuned to the perfect stability of the crystal. Our energy body gets synchronized with the frequency the crystal is vibrating at. This is why i feel that choosing the right crystal for the specific intention you have is important. Having said this I do not believe any crystal can do harm, however the right one might speed up the process of arriving at your intention.

For example if you are doing a heart healing meditation you would get much more benefits from using rose quartz, morganite or rhodochrosite let's say than holding pyrite to your heart chakra. On the other hand placing pyrite on your solar plexus would help give you the boost of energy you require much more so than rose quartz would.

The same goes for placing crystals in certain places within your home. You might want to place black tourmaline close to your desktop but prefer amethyst in your sacred space.

So entrainment or the process of changing the frequency to synchronize with that of the crystal is how it works, but how can you use them?

  1. You have to have an intention... ie to clear your home of unwanted energy.

  2. Choose your method... ie placing of crystals within your home, making a grid, extending that grid to cover the corners of your home, making crystal water to spray around your house, asking family members to wear a protective crystal on them...

  3. Choose the crystals you want to work with

I intend to have a separate blog on properties of crystals so you know which crystal to use in which case and also information about all the different ways in which crystals can be used.

For now here is a quick list:

  1. Body Layouts or Laying on of stones -crystals are placed on the body to heal. This is the complicated one. Once you practice this method which is the real energy work then everything else on this list becomes more meaningful

  2. Holding a crystal during meditation to help intensify your objective

  3. Placing crystals in your home to add their specific flavor to specific spaces

  4. Wearing crystals as jewelry or carrying them on you in your pocket or bra to constantly effect your energy field or aura through out the day

  5. Spraying or drinking of crystal water or elixir

  6. Making Crystal Grids to super charge you intention

  7. Using crystals for acupressure, massage or your facial routines

  8. Making crystal baths

  9. Placing crystals into your plant pots

  10. and so much more

Something i always do is place a blue calcite palm stone in the armpit of my children when they get a fever to reduce their temperature. I guess that would go under body layout though:)

i hope this is a clear introduction on how crystals can help benefit us on our journey through healing...

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