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Cleansing your Crystals

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Your crystals might start feeling dull or heavy with time, they might seem less sparkly and feel just meh. This is why we cleanse our crystals regularly. Crystals transmit and absorb energy. So if your crystal is left unattended in a dusty dark corner of your house which does not get aired out and if on top of that your household is going through a turbulent time emotionally that crystal is going to feel stagnant and unpleasant. You can think of cleansing crystals like airing out, decluttering and opening the curtains in a room. I don't believe that un-cleansed crystals can do harm, however they definitely will not be able to transmit energy to their highest potential. Cleansing them puts crystals back to their purest state, kind of like back to factory settings.

There are many methods to cleanse crystals. Actually i really don't like the word "cleanse" its like clean but harder to pronounce. Plus we are not really cleaning the crystals we are more clearing the murky energy that's stagnant instead of flowing. So Im going with clearing.

My favorite method to clear my crystals is with sound. I think a metallic sound does the job most affectively. For example a bell, gong, singing bowls or a tuning fork. You could if you wish blast an opera or any piece of music that would also be clearing using sound vibrations, but there's something to be said for a single precise note focused and continuously moving through the air that does the job of clearing much more effectively in my opinion. Just pass the bowl (or whatever you are using) over your crystals, don't rush it but it doesn't take forever either. I actually think this method is safest for your crystals and easiest since you can clear them all in one go without a big fuss. The sound waves give the stagnant unwanted energy a good shake up, kind of like a strong gust of wind. Open your windows to make sure a get some fresh energy in while getting the stuck and stale energy out.

Clearing you crystals under the full moon light... I used to put all my malas and crystals under the full moon every month. Sometimes they felt great but at other times I was not so sure. Im not going to get into detail here but not all full moons are the same. Each time the moon is full it is charged with the properties of the specific astrological sign it is in that day. Note: This does not correlate to the sun sign of that specific month so check online what sign the moon is in if you are interested. I would go with your gut feeling. If it does not feel right then do not place your crystals out that moon month... Its ok to do that! On the other hand if the flavor of a specific moon goes very well together with a specific intention you are working on, go ahead and specifically charge your crystals under that full moon.

One of the most common ways is holding your crystals under running water. I have a few problems with this one. Firstly not all your crystals like water, do your research beforehand. Any stone that is low on the Moh's hardness scale can get damaged, Selenite a commonly used crystal comes to mind. Another difficulty with this method is if you have many crystals this can be very time consuming. If however I happen to be next to the ocean or a running stream there is nothing more satisfying than dipping my quartz mala in the water and feeling all the heaviness float away. A bit of a tangent but this applies to humans as well, all these methods clear our energy bodies too. Maybe Ill write about that another time.

Smudging, or burning herbs, and holding crystals over the smoke seems to be a super popular method right now. I must say i love smudging and do it daily if not twice a day. But i smudge my aura or my space not my crystals. Although this practice inadvertently does affect my crystals in a positive way, i do not direct smudge them to clear their energy.I feel that sage in particular helps collect the unwanted low frequency in an area making it easier to air it out of the room. Airing the room after burning sage is crucial! Otherwise you leave the collected unwanted energy in your space collected in bulks but still there. Palo santo is slightly different. It immediately leaves a lighter feeling within your space. In that sense compared to sage it does raise lower frequencies. However with objects, crystals included, I feel that the smudging method does not penetrate as sound does for example. There are several other herbs, resins dried flowers used in this technique. Again I believe their effects more clearing and directly soothing to people and living areas than to the crystals themselves.

Rice or salt is a good conductor of unwanted energies as well and you can simply place your crystals in a bowl filled with one or the other. Make sure you renew the contents often and do not consume the rice after using it in this way. I do not prefer using rice cause of the waste aspect of it. Although I rarely use salt for my crystals, I do have bowls with salt in it in various places in the house that i think need extra attention.

There are many more ways to clear your crystals that i have not mentioned here including visualization, burying in the ground, cleansing using other crystals and reiki.

Do what feels right to you. When you clear your crystals you should feel a shift in the energy, experiment and choose between them or do several of them there is no right or wrong... as with all of these methods the key is have a clear intention of cleansing your crystals.

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