Crystals may absorb negative energy and should be cleansed regularly. If left uncleansed, especially through stressful situations or environments, the crystals might start feeling heavy or dull and will not be able to transmit energy to their highest potential.

Sound is a fantastic and safe way to cleanse. the sound vibration can reset the energy of your crystals and remove any wanted energy that may have built up over time. Tibetan bowls are great for this.

Smudging is a great way to cleanse your crystals and it also will cleanse you and your space. Smudge your environment and your crystals by burning sage, palo santo or frankincense and holding your crystals to the smoke.

If you are sure that water will not damage your crystals you may choose to use this method. If so, washing your crystals in the ocean is ideal. If this is not possible wash your stones under pure or salty water. It is important that the water is running and not stagnant.

To recharge the crystals place your mala over night directly under the full moon light. Alternatively you might prefer to leave your stones under the sunlight or bury them in the Earth

how often should i cleanse my mala?

How often you cleanse your mala depends on you, I would suggest once a week and definitely once a month under the full moon. You should cleanse your mala more often if others have contact with it or if your going through an especially turbulent time.

Each mala bead is hand-knotted with a positive mind and cleansed before postage.


when a mala breaks...

If you have a deep connection with your malas, it is likely that you have had one break. Although the thread i use to knot the malas is quite strong, eventually the edges of the crystals will wear into the string and the mala will break.

Traditionally this is seen as a good sign. The breaking of a mala marks the completion of a cycle. The lesson that needed to be learned or the intention that has been set for that mala might no longer be valid or necessary in your life. You might be ready to begin a new chapter with a new mala with different crystals to guide you through this next step. It also helps us to let go and remind us that nothing in life is permanent.

Having said this i will re-knot your mymoonmala once free of charge, please email me at if you so wish.